Brain Education Cognition


Since the 90s, BEC is the Lab of BES BioEducational Sciences, an original emerging field of research which links neuroscience, biological sciences, and educational perspectives on shared focuses to deal with the problem of brain education cognition in epigenesis.

This field of research merge on the pioneristic work of Elisa Frauenfelder, who introduced the link between education and biology in pedagogical Italian research since 1983.


Nowadays it has been introduced in the Italian and European educational research framework through several publications.

At the heart of BioEducational Sciences lies the study of mind, brain, and cognition development in epigenesis from an educational point of view. BioEducational Sciences study the complex relationship between individual, adaptive system, and knowledge, showing how these three aspects can be interdependent and how can be studied from different integrated research perspectives – epigenetic, biodynamic, and synergic – which approach humanistic and scientific fields of research, joining areas so far considered relatively independent of each other.