Individuality: Philosophical Tradition, Historical Thought, Life Sciences

PRIN 2004-2007

Individuality: Philosophical Tradition, Historical Thought, Life Sciences

Prof Fabrizio Lomonaco

Confronted with the profound transformations produced by globalization and scientific and technological developments, philosophy, which implies, according to the Hegel’s maxim, thinking our own time, necessarily feels the need to redefine in a comprehensive way the categories for the understanding of life and the human world. Nowadays the traditional articulation of the philosophical discourse has to confront the new and exciting scenarios opened by the sciences of life. In order to give a new meaning and plausibility to the philosophical research, it becomes more and more urgent to start a process of theoretical redefinition – which has not to be separated from the necessary historical and genetic investigation and from the ascertainment of the cultural changes – concerning crucial philosophical categories such as individuality, personal and collective identity, interiority, subjectivity as well as the problems relating to determinism and freedom in human action, nature and culture, body and mind, sensibility and thought.