Identity, Traceability and Cultural Translatability in today’s Mediterranean Civilization


Identity, Traceability and Cultural Translatability in today’s Mediterranean Civilization

Prof Fabrizio Lomonaco

The theme of cultural identity raises a broad theory of issues and questions about the concept of culture, which unfold from the oldest and most established reflection on the relationship between nature and culture up to the following underlying dilemmas every thought of translation: are the boundaries of the various cultures that come together in relationship traceable? different cultures have not perhaps “jagged” and “porous” borders and have not been formed over time through cross-contamination, so that the term “intercultural” tells, in addition to their mutual relatedness, also the condition that characterizes the root of their construction process? Also on the side of “traceability”, therefore, a number of research fronts open up; which trace remains of the translated or understood culture and especially how this new common culture born? These are the questions to which the historical and philosophical and social reflection today must respond to best prepare the cultural training task of the human generations that will emerge from the current socio-anthropological post globalization situations.